“Intention is the driving force that moves the body” – Juliu Horvath




The Gyrokinesis Method is a holistic movement practice, which uses fluid postures that focus on improving spine mobilization to energize the nervous system and improve your health on a cellular level.

In a Gyrokinesis class, you’ll use simple props and rhythmic breathing to harmoniously move your body, to open energetic pathways, and to enter into a harmonious flow state.



The unique Gyrokinesis Method is for you if you’d like to experience the following benefits: 


  • Improve your blood and lymphatic circulation to decrease your risk of disease.
  • Remove toxins from your kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin.
  • Increase your joint mobility.
  • Strengthen your nervous system to promote healthy muscle contractions and flexibility. 
  • Relax any spinal stiffness. 
  • Tap into all of your senses.
  • Create more balance, harmony and flow.



Whether you’re a professional athlete, a senior citizen, or a pregnant woman, Gyrokinesis is safe for all fitness levels. Come see for yourself!




Thursday 11:30

Location: Marialuisa Lattene Studio
Oudeschans 21, 1011 KS Amsterdam



I always felt stretched and strong after the classes and that I had worked every muscle and stretched all the ligaments and connective tissues in my body.


– Charlene M.



Interested in private training? Contact her via WhatsApp (+31 6 50 99 92 01) or send her an email to set up a time.


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