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Body Balance


Mindfulness is key to an enriched life, which is why Les Mills, yoga teachers, doctors, international physiotherapists, and fitness instructors all combined their expert knowledge to develop Body Balance, a unique blend of Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates disciplines. Every Body Balance lesson will embrace these functional principles: alignment, breath work, and mental focus. 

In practice, you will deepen your mind-body connection through flowing energetic postures and mental visualizations. You can expect to experience benefits such as improved flexibility, strength, and endurance. You will also notice less stress in your body and a more calm and focused mind throughout the day. Body Balance is an excellent practice to meditate through movement.

“I’ve never done yoga before, is Body Balance right for me?”

You do not need a Yoga background to participate in this class. You can take it at your own pace and you can modify wherever is necessary, to ensure it’s right for you. You’ll find a Body Balance class is accessible and enjoyable at any stage of your fitness journey.

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Day Time Location Sign Up Link
Monday 8:00am – Yoga Fit For Free (Valkenburgerstraat) Sign Up – Fit For Free
Tuesday 12:15pm – Body Balance Fit For Free (Valkenburgerstraat) Sign Up – Fit For Free
Wednesday No Classes    
Thursday 10:00am – Body Balance Fit For Free (Valkenburgerstraat) Sign Up – Fit For Free
Friday 9:00am – Yoga Fit For Free (Valkenburgerstraat) Sign Up – Fit For Free
Saturday No Classes    
Sunday No Classes    

Her classes were enough of a challenge to ensure that I had a good workout, a bit of sweat but able to carry on with the rest of my day. “Marialuisa is a top quality trainer – she’s highly skilled and very attentive to her clients’ needs. She knows exactly when to push you to go further and really takes pride in watching her clients grow stronger and fitter over time. I’d absolutely recommend her classes!

– Abi M.H.

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