Marialuisa Lattene

Marialuisa was born and raised in Sicily in the beautiful and historical city of Messina. At the age of 6 she started practicing artistic Gymnastics, soon finding her feet for dance for the enjoyment, freedom of expression and discovering her inner passion for communication through movement, inspired by her father, a prolific artist and painter.

Trained as a dancer at Spazio Danza in Messina under the direction of Genny Ruggeri, studying ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz and hiphop with numerous teachers and guest choreographers including Grazia Martelli, Mauro Mosconi and Erika Silgoner to name just a few. She was also an assistant dance teacher at beginner and intermediate level in ballet and contemporary, whilst winning scholarships for a variety of competitions and courses, in addition to performing as a contemporary modern dancer in numerous shows and performances in Sicily.

After being awarded a scholarship and moving to Rome where she was selected for the dance company “Belli e Dannati”  a TV programme airing on SKY directed by the Producer Marcello Righettini, she then decided to broaden her horizons and further establish herself as a dancer, completing various international courses and training programs with choreographers including Bruno Collinet, Wes Veldink, Terry Beeman, Desmond Richardson, Jason Parson and Mauro Astolfi.

After spending a year in Rome she wanted to further her exploration and relocated to Amsterdam to embrace the vibrant creative arts scene and broaden her experience across multidisciplinary performing arts. Joining the Henny Jurriëns Foundation to continue and further her training, whilst taking intensive and summer courses with various institutions such as the Amsterdam University of Arts, CREA, SNDO, NDT and Dansmakers.

Subsequently performing in SNDO productions, various CREA performances and DIA productions in Amsterdam and Haarlem. Leading an improvisation based group of performers and musicians for performances in various locations around Amsterdam. Also leading workshops for a young performing dance group for local cultural groups.

Marialuisa is also a very active Model, working with various educational establishments, Art Centres and independent artists in around North Holland and having recently been featured in two books.

Most recently Marialuisa has been exploring and experimenting with floor work, choreographic movement research and new improvisation methods, studying choreography and the art of dance filmmaking. Currently, nearing completion of her Kineticode Pilates Teacher training Certification in order to build even more awareness of injury prevention and rehabilitation with her students.

In her free time she loves to attend dance performances, concerts and Arts festivals all around the Netherlands.